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Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm just a regular guy from Columbus, OH with a creative mind and a passion for all things technology.

HTML5 is the latest standard of the HTML language. Having knowledge in HTML5 assists me in creating fluid, semantic markup to provide the perfect foundation for your web presence.

CSS3 allows me to take your standard document layout and bring it to life on the web utilizing CSS animations and interactive states just like the ones you see working on this very page. Turning HTML markup into a work of art.

Where there's form there needs to be function. Utilizing Javascript I can add any client-facing functionality you may need. Whether that be interactive displays or even back-end functions like form submissions. Utilizing frameworks such as jQuery for the front-end or Node and Express for the back-end I can bring your ideas to fruition.

Having experience with a database such as MongoDB allows me to easily store and maintain data from user information to content. Combining this with NodeJS and Express ties the whole site together.

Image of GitVote, a Github Polling application


GitVote is a full-stack application built for FreeCodeCamp's back-end certification course. It's a polling application that authenticates through GitHub using Passport.JS, displays poll results using Chart.JS. The back-end utilizes Node, Express.JS and MongoDB/Mongoose.

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Image of the PetTrackr home page.


PetTrackr is a fullstack web application that was built for Chingu Cohort's Voyage 4. I was part of the 3 person remote development team that worked on this project. Our goal was to create an application that allowed for users to post lost or found pets to assist in re-uniting them with their owners. This application was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and EJS for the front-end, Node, MongoDB, Express and Mongoose for the back-end.

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Image of the WikiView home page.


A Wikipedia search engine built for FreeCodeCamp's front-end certification. This was built using vanilla Javascript, SCSS, HTML, and utilizes the Wikipedia API for results.

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Image of the Domain Monitor home page.

Domain Monitor

Domain Monitor is a side project born out of a personal necessity. This application will allow users to sign in and track domain name registry information, this will include expiration dates, SSL details if available and allow the user to set reminders and track all of their domain names in one place. This project is still a work in progress but feel free to view the source on Github. Currently, it's utilizing Bootstrap for the front-end, Express.JS, NodeJS, and MongoDB/Mongoose for the back-end.

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Image of the Browser Based Simon game.


The classic game of Simon, now without batteries and served right to your browser! This was created for FreeCodeCamp's Front-End Certification as one of the final projects. This utilizes HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

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